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About Anything Binary

My name is Brian J. Gibson and I retired after a 32 year career in the automotive retail commercial software industry. I created this site to share information about my interests.

I divide my time between Oakville and Thornbury, Ontario. Oakville provides the hustle and bustle of city life while Thornbury is the polar opposite being a laid back country environment where I am surrounded by nature, wildlife and beautiful landscapes.

My hobbies include astronomy, photography, software development and remote controlled electric aircraft. I manage to combine these at times; taking aerial photos with my drone, maintaining my iPhone app to monitor observing conditions or astrophotography using my Olympus full spectrum cameras mounted on a telescope.

I was a member of the Mississauga Centre of the RASC ( Royal Astronomical Society of Canada ) and the Oakville Camera Club for many years. I am now a member of the Georgian Bay Photography Club. I have been using Olympus digital cameras for over 40 years! Have a look at My Portfolio

My Hobbies

Photography Astro, wildlife and landscapes

Programming Desktop, websites and mobile apps

Astronomy Planets, comets and deep sky

R/C Aircraft Drones, planes and helicopters